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NAO por 4000€...

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NAO por 4000€...

Post by aprendiendo » Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:36 pm

Mensaje aparecido en Robosavvy


Did you heard? Jerome Monceaux posted on his blog the most waited "program" of the year, in the world of robotics, and I think I do not exaggerate at all !!!

Many robotic enthusiasts are now having a chance to part in one of the most important robotic research and development company in the world Aldebaran Robotics !

I remember the days when Wow Wee made something like that for RS Media PC Suite Beta Test but with ownerswho allready had the robot or for those to use only the software! That was my first ever contact with the fascinating world of robotics!

This is your chance ... go for it!

Dear siempre.aprendiendo,

you're right about the price for the Academic version for Universities (at the moment there is no General public version, that's the Beta future goal), but this Dev Program will have special prices! the last NAO Beta Test (it was one started last year) and the robot was sold to the selected Testers for 4000 EURO; not cheap but considering the original price and the opportunity to be part of the project and the fact they will receive a second robot at the end of the program when the general Public version will be released!

I will add more details about the program as it will start roll!

If you consider it as a development program for you also not only for the Aldebaran Robotics and the informations and people you'll have access to ... I think for a robotic enthusiast it's like an Internship. Wink

The general terms and conditions for this program are unknown at the moment and what I said about the past program can only be taken as speculation ... regarding the prices and other conditions!

Take into consideration that this Developers Program can be different in terms and conditions than the NAO Beta Test and the price can differ and the second NAO at the end I'm not sure it will be available for this program too!

I think it's best to wait for the official release but need to keep an eye on this because the invitations are limited!

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